DLY-6E Air Ion Counter


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The model DLY-6E Air Ion Detector is designed for measure the concentration of positive and negative ions per cubic centimeter. This instrument incorprates a very high effectioncy to convert the air ion electric charge into the ion current. So, it's sensitivity is very high.This instrument is supplied by a pair of build-in rechargeable Li-ion batteryIt can work for about 2 weeks long.


Ion concentration:

Measure Range: 3999×10;3999×102 ions/cm3

Resolution: 10 ions/cm3 (Accuracy: ± 5%rdg)

Mobility: 0.4 (cm2/V.sec)(Accuracy: ± 10%rdg)

Humidity: R.H.< 80%

Drawing air velocity: 40 cm/second

Power supply:

DC: batteries 3.7V,(2Ah)×2
AC:110V~230V, 50Hz or 60Hz

Warranty: one year

Portable size, easy to bring out

Packing data:

Dimensions: 250(L)mm x 100(W)mm x 60 (H)mm

Weight: 1.0 kg

Pcs/Carton: 1

G.W. : 1.5kg

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