YB4365 Oscilloscope

  • Panel setup on-screen display,many parameter can be display on CRTdirectly
  • Cursor measurement,such as △V,△T,1/△T etc
  • Sweep rate auto-set
  • SMT technology,MCU controlled
  • Switched power supply,line in voltage can vary between 90 to 250V
  • Build-up frequency counter
  • High sensitivity, up to 1mV/div
  • Digital plus Y and time-base swtich
  • OSD 7 cursor read-out
  • Hold-off time adjustable
  • Have all function of general oscilloscope

Technical Specification
Specification Band wide:DC~40MHz(-3db) / DC~20MHz(-3db)
Y Deflection: 1mV/div-5V/div,1-2-5 12 steps.,Error: ±5%(1mV-2mV±8%)
Rise Time: 5mV-5V/div approx 8.8ns、1mV-2mV/div approx 23ns / 5mV-5V/div approx 17.5ns、1mV-2mV/div approx 35ns
Max Input: 400V(DC+ACpeak)≤1KHz
Sweep Mode: A
Trig Source: CH1、CH2、Line、Ext.
Trig Mode: Auto、Normal、Single
Level Lock or Alt Trig: 50Hz-40MHz 2div Ext. 0.25V / 50Hz-20MHz 2div Ext. 0.25V
Threshold: TTL Level(Negative to enlight)
Cursor Read: △V、△V%、△VdB、△T、1/△T、DUTY、PHASE
OSD: V/DIV、Vertical Mode、Inverter、Alt/Chop、uncalibrate、ADD(SUB)、×10Mag、Probe(×1×10)、X-Y、AT/D、TV-V/H
Wave form: rectangle
Amplitude: 2Vp-p±2%
Freq.: 1KHz±2%

General Specification
Power Supply AC:220V±10%


Net. 8kg